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2018 Team Donations - Run

2018 Beat the Wheat Sponsors:
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Team Donations - Donate Here & Track Your Team

DONATE HERE!!  - Use button to the right.  

To donate to a team - pick a team name below and then add the Team Name to "WRITE A NOTE" on the Pay Pal screen.  Team totals will be updated periodically - you will not see an immediate impact to your total.  If you don't add a Team Name - your donation will be added to Team TCCSG.  

Teams raising $300 or more by May 14th will have their team names on our Run T-shirt!


Sweet Bree's - $300

Nutradried  - $500

Wheatless in Suburbia - $510

Namaste - $300

Bootin' Gluten - $325

Rumi's Passion - $350

Amelia's Team - $1,100

Emma's Entourage - $510

Wheat Beatin' Bezolds - $540

Gastrointestinal Specialists, P.C. - $1,000

Some Are Gonna Run - $550

Team Alysha - 

Team Sofia - 

Team Redoutey - $30

Team Sycko - $15


TCCSG General Donation - (donor did not indicate team name - let us know if it belongs to you-see names of these General Donors on the right side):  $120

Team Supporters:

Sweet Bree's - Sweet Bree's Sponsorship

Moon Cheese / Nutradried:  Moon Cheese Sponsorship

Wheatless in Suburbia:  Lori Hawkins, Joyce Hawkins, Phyllis Bovair, Mary Beth Revesz, Angela Tank, Sarah Smith, Misty Karn, Stacee Hawkins, Dina Doyle, Jean Rockey

Namaste - Namaste Sponsorship

Bootin' Gluten - Kimberly Lisch, Janice Sterling, Teresa Mask, Judy Cooper, Maureen McRae

Rumi's Passion - Rumi's Passion Sponsorship

Ameila's Team - Raj & Julie Iyer, Susan Thibodeau

Emma's Entourage - Mark Herzog, Cheryl Brennan, Jimmy Bossu, Sarah Wisniewski, Mary Kriewall, Emily Elston, James Brennan, Tom & Mary Ellen Herzog

Wheat Beatin' Bezolds - Kristin Kullgren, Bonnie Kullgren, Early Aeronautica, Thomas Bezold, Henry Bezold, Clement Bezold, Erin Kullgren, Carla Bezold, Margaret Wolff, Liz Nelson

Gastrointestinal Specialists, P.C. - Gastrointestinal Specialists, P.C. Sponsorship

Some Are Gonna Run - Kenneth Orlando, Paul Orlando

Team Redoutey - Jim & Kathleen Redoutey

Team Sycko - Joanne Sycko

TCCSG General Donations:  Alice Torrente, Justin Kretchman

Total Raised:  $6,150