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Why donate?

TCCSG is a non-profit organization.  TCCSG serves both the Celiac and Gluten Intolerant community in Metro Detroit.  Those diagnosed with Celiac Disease must maintain a strict gluten free diet for life. TCCSG provides a community of support to life a full life on a gluten free diet.  This support includes the latest information on gluten free diets, local restaurants, grocery stores / bakeries, and new GF products.  This network is important to improve the quality of life a person with Celiac Disease faces.  Celiac Disease is not a fad.  It is an autoimmune disease with REAL consequences if a strict Gluten Free diet is not followed.  People with Celiac Disease can often feel socially isolated - from co-workers, friends, and even their own families.  We provide a network for people to talk about their issues and to support them.  We have a children's group that provides a network to children and their guardians.  We aim to educate, support people with Celiac / Gluten Intolerance and support Celiac research!!  The proceeds of our annual Beat the Wheat 5k Run/Walk are donated to University of Chicago Celiac Center, University of Michigan Celiac Center and Tri-County Celiac Support Group Programming.     Please consider making a donation to help our group - every dollar counts!  Your support is greatly appreciated!  

Every Amount Helps!