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Gluten Free Food Consumer Protection Act Bills (Michigan House of Representatives):

Bills are Currently in The Regulatory Reform Committee of Michigan's House of Representatives:

Regulatory Reform Committee Members:

Michael Webber (R) Committee Chair, 45th District
Ryan Berman (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 39th District
Kathy Crawford (R), 38th District
Diana Farrington (R), 30th District
Ben Frederick (R), 85th District
Michele Hoitenga (R), 102nd District
Graham Filler (R), 93rd District
Matt Hall (R), 63rd District
Pauline Wendzel (R), 79th District
John Chirkun (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 22nd District
Frank Liberati (D), 13th District
Sara Cambensy (D), 109th District
Jewell Jones (D), 11st District
Alex Garza (D), 12nd District
Cynthia Neeley (D), 34th District

Not Sure Who Your Representative Is?

How Can You Help???

1.  Write a letter &/or Email to Michael Webber - Regulatory Reform Committee Chair and Request a Hearing for these bills  (Sample Letter Here - BUT please edit this to be a unique letter).  The best way to get a Representative's attention is with a physical letter sent through the United States Postal Service.

2.  If your Michigan Representative is listed above, please ALSO write a letter to them (Sample letter attached).  


Instructions:  Sample Letter for Committee Chairman of Regulatory Reform - Representative Michael Webber

1.  Click on letter (or green button under "How Can You Help???" header)
2.  Edit especially yellow highlighted areas to make it your own letter
3.  Unhighlight all yellow areas when you are done
4.  Print
5.  Send in a first class stamped envelope to address on letter

How does a Bill become a Law in Michigan?  Click Here

These bills have been recently referred to a Committee - Regulatory Reform.  

The Committee will be reviewing these bills soon and will discuss/debate them.  We hope that the committee will call for a hearing so that we can provide support.  

Your help is needed to help persuade the committee to call for a hearing and to ultimately "Report the Bill with Favorable Recommendation" so that it can go onto the House for vote.

See "How Can You Help" section to help us move this bill forward!

Have a Question about Your Letters or How to Help?  

Thank you for contacting us regarding House Bills 6446 and 6447. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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